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  • ProMission Testimonies III
    ProMission Testimonies III

    A Lost Voice and a Sick Preacher Karao is a lovely Maasai village located about 50kms away from Longido town. Within the vicinity of Karao are nice mountains bordering Kenya and Tanzania. Moreover, a trip to Karao will grant one the pleasure of beholding the beauty of nature both in flora and fauna. The vast…

  • ProMission Activities: Meetings and Baptisms!!
    ProMission Activities: Meetings and Baptisms!!

    As the mission trip to Tanzania and among the Maasai draws to an end, our volunteers are not relenting in the work of teaching and making disciples of the Maasai people. our volunteers attended a baptism ceremony as seen in the pictures. Some of the Maasai are making commitment to follow Jesus for the rest of…

  • ProMission Activities: A Surgeon’s Report
    ProMission Activities: A Surgeon’s Report

    One of the areas of of mission among the Maasai in Tanzania is medical ministry. The  saying that medical ministry is the right arm of the gospel is true. Well it is not very easy though among the Maasai and here is a report from Stephan a volunteer surgeon with our team in Tanzania: “I work…

  • ProMission: Come Rest Awhile
    ProMission: Come Rest Awhile

    After some tedious labour among the Maasai, our mission team decided to rest awhile just like Jesus had told told the disciples to come and rest a bit. Thier rest comprised visits to beautiful places in Tanzania like the zoo, the beach, a boat trip, an African market and lots more. Find out for yourself…

  • ProMission Testimonies II
    ProMission Testimonies II

    Jesus the Saviour and Peace Giver Last time we brought you a testimony from Nele Scheer of how God brought a lost man who was looking for his lost cows to the night meetings. This man stayed for the program that night and left happy in spite of his lost cows. How God brings His…

  • ProMission Testimonies
    ProMission Testimonies

    A Lost man and his lost Cows We are beginning to get some experiences as well as some testimonies from our volunteers. God is using these volunteers for His own glory to reach the Maasai in Tanzania. Nele Scheer one of the preachers in Longido has this to say about a man who was troubled…

  • ProMission Activities II
    ProMission Activities II

    We told you last time that intensive work has started among the Maasai in Tanzania. Now we have pictures* of not only the Children but the night meetings with the adults. Our volunteers are preaching their hearts out. From children stories to evangelistic sermons, several rides in the desert, a short time for exercise and…

  • ProMission Activities
    ProMission Activities

    Vigorous mission work has commenced among the Maasai in Tanzania. With barely some time to rest, the volunteers have started preaching, teaching and caring for the needs of the Maasai to the glory of our Lord Jesus. Right now we only have some pictures* of two of some of our volunteers who are teaching the…

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